Name Change Announcement

Hello everyone,

I’ve been giving some serious thought to where I would like the direction of this blog to go. I started this book blog a little over a week ago during my winter break off of work. I started with the idea of just doing this for fun, but I’ve fallen in love with the idea. I enjoy writing these book reviews, thinking of what other content people may enjoy reading next, and looking at books in terms of different aspects of diversity. I want to be a bit more serious when I’m working on this blog. Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided to change the name of this blog on Friday ( January 11th). I created the name Dragons and Other Worlds in a mad dash so that I could get started on writing this blog before I lost motivation. I want to be more mindful than that and I want people drawn to this blog who are actually looking for book reviews and other book- related content. Not just people looking up dragons. I have chosen the name Diverse Fantasy Reads. It’s simple and maybe not be the most original title that you’ve ever heard, but I think it does a better job encompassing what I really hope to make this blog about. That being said, I still currently own the Dragons and Other Worlds domain. I will be holding onto it until it expires, but it will simply direct you straight to Diverse Fantasy Reads until the year is up. There may also be some site design changes as I work out a design that is more visually appealing and readable. Thank you for your patience and thank you also to those who have already begun to follow me. It’s much appreciated!