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Wonder Wednesday: Life Changing Books

Hello everyone, welcome to Wonder Wednesday! I hope you’re all staying nice and toasty in this very cold winter. Today I’d like to talk about life changing books. Now, perhaps life changing may seem like an extreme, but as a lover of books I feel like there are many books that have had a very powerful effect on me. Books have the power to make us question our assumptions, bias, and encourage us to consider ideas maybe we haven’t thought about before.

Do you have a book that you feel like has been life changing for you? How has it changed your perspective or affected you?

Do you feel like books have the power to create a deeper understanding for something in people or are they just for fun?

I’d love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to comment below!


Status Post- My 2019 Reading Challenges

Hello everyone, early this week I posted about reading challenges that encourage reading diversely. This post is where I will be keeping track of my progress. I will be adding the book titles and authors of every book I read incase you’re curious or possibly need some suggestions for books to read.

Year of The Asian Reading Challenge by CW from The Quiet Pond (thequietpond.com),Lily from Sprinkles of Dreams (sprinklesofdreams.wordpress.com), Shealea, and Vicky from Vicky Who Reads (vickywhoreads.wordpress.com). This is the challenge for you, if like me, one of your goals this year is to make sure you’re reading more diversely. The goal is to read as many books by asian authors as you can. Now, there are levels to the challenge so don’t stress out if you have a ton of other reading goals or anything like that. They also come with cute icon which you can see below. If you’d like to join please check here.

Reading 11-20 books!

Currently Reading:  none right now

Previous Reads: Girls of Paper and Fire

Reading Women Challenge. This challenge was put together by ReadingWomen. It encourages people to read different books either about or by women. You can find it below. If you want more information check here.

Currently Reading:  The Bird King by G. Willow Wilson (#20)

Previously Read: 
Girls of Paper and Fire (#22)

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi (#24)


Name Change Announcement

Hello everyone,

I’ve been giving some serious thought to where I would like the direction of this blog to go. I started this book blog a little over a week ago during my winter break off of work. I started with the idea of just doing this for fun, but I’ve fallen in love with the idea. I enjoy writing these book reviews, thinking of what other content people may enjoy reading next, and looking at books in terms of different aspects of diversity. I want to be a bit more serious when I’m working on this blog. Keeping that in mind, I’ve decided to change the name of this blog on Friday ( January 11th). I created the name Dragons and Other Worlds in a mad dash so that I could get started on writing this blog before I lost motivation. I want to be more mindful than that and I want people drawn to this blog who are actually looking for book reviews and other book- related content. Not just people looking up dragons. I have chosen the name Diverse Fantasy Reads. It’s simple and maybe not be the most original title that you’ve ever heard, but I think it does a better job encompassing what I really hope to make this blog about. That being said, I still currently own the Dragons and Other Worlds domain. I will be holding onto it until it expires, but it will simply direct you straight to Diverse Fantasy Reads until the year is up. There may also be some site design changes as I work out a design that is more visually appealing and readable. Thank you for your patience and thank you also to those who have already begun to follow me. It’s much appreciated!


So, what’s the Point?

Now, if you’re reading this you might be wondering, what’s the point of this blog? Aren’t there already tons of book blogs out there?

And my answer to you would be yes! There most certainly tons of book blogs out there. What I hope to accomplish is to share my thoughts with you about the fantasy and paranormal books I read. Not just any thoughts though. I really want to look at certain aspects of these fantasy and paranormal books that I read particularly world building, characterization, and diversity. Now, I want to share these particular aspects with you because these are the parts of books that to me take a book from kinda just meh to being a really great novel worth sharing. Now, let me break down these three aspects down.

World building

This is a little bit more important in fantasy novels in my personal opinion, but is still helpful in a paranormal novel as well. When I purchase a fantasy novel I want to be swept away into a world unlike my own. I read as a form of escapism and so a new, well written world is paramount to my enjoyment. That means I want a world with its own history, it’s own culture, and even its own races. Paranormal is a little different for me since it really takes places in what is suppose to be our current world. So, the best thing a paranormal novel could do for me when it comes to reading is seamlessly add in supernatural elements and races in such a way that it seems totally possible they could have existed with us all along. Now, I’m sure there will always be excepts to everything I just listed, but this is my starting point.


The most important thing in any novel ever! If you don’t have great characters I don’t care if you have the best world ever or anything else really. I need great, well developed characters. I want back stories and flaws and struggle. I want to really get to know the characters in the book otherwise I just don’t care and I want them to be realistic. Insta-love and hand wavy explanations are cheap writing.


We live in a diverse world full of diverse places and people. There is no reason for every fantasy novel to be set in what is basically medieval Europe with a completely white, completely hetero, gender binary, etc. characters. We’re better than that and people of all sorts deserve representation. Now, that’s not to say a book is awful if it’s set in medieval Europe with a completely stereotypical cast , but just that it’s not necessarily the most original idea.

If you’re interested in these aspects of books as well then stick around and join me on this crazy journey!