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Wonder Wednesday- Favorite Ending

Happy Wednesday dear readers. This Wednesday I’ve been wondering about endings. When I read a book in general I expect a happy ending, but I know not all books end that way. Oddly enough, some of my favorite books end on a sad note. So, my question for you this Wednesday is: What is your favorite type of book ending? Do you love happily ever afters or do you prefer a more dark/sad/questioning ending? Also, what is your favorite ending to a book?

I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

2 thoughts on “Wonder Wednesday- Favorite Ending”

  1. I tend to prefer happy endings but the most important is that the ending should be coherent with the rest of the book and the personality of the characters. I do not like when characters begin acting in a way that is totally incoherent, just because the author wants to end the book in a certain way.
    I generally do not like much books that propose several endings either. I feel like the author could not choose because he or she simply did not find the right ending.

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    1. I like happy endings too though I find that sad endings are particularly powerful though I would never go looking for a sad story. Ambiguous endings are also my least favorite. I feel very cheated by them.

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