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Wonder Wednesday: To leave a bad review or no?

Hello lovely readers! This Wednesday I’ve been wondering about bad reviews. As a lover and reviewer of books there have been books out there that I’ve hated. Sometimes it’s the poor characterization or world building, but other times I just didn’t really enjoy the book even though it was really well written. So, I’ve been wondering. Should book bloggers post their bad reviews? I ask, because though I’ve seen an occasional less than positive review on a book blog on the majority I’ve seen 4+ ratings. This could be, because like me other bloggers only read books that they feel that they’re really interested in. But, I’ve also heard murmurs of bad reviews being bad for your blog. So, I’d like to know what you think? Do you think it’s good/okay to post a bad review for a book on your blog and why?

7 thoughts on “Wonder Wednesday: To leave a bad review or no?”

  1. I have never posted a very bad review of a book yet. I do not post reviews of all the books I read anyway for several reasons.
    First, some of the books I read are non fiction books on subjects that are not always interesting for everyone.
    Second, some of the books I read were not translated in English and it is a little strange to write a review in English about a book that is not translated in this language.
    I am not sure whether I will write bad reviews in the future. It depends whether there are points of the book that are still interesting to analyze or not.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I think reviews are valid even if many the books are on subjects that maybe not everyone is interested in. I look at reviews as a way to communicate with others if this book is worth reading or not so if you’re interested in history for example was it well-written or not? Books in a different language? What language do you read in?

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  2. Hey Vicki, I think it’s okay to post “bad” reviews occasionally. No book is perfect. Once in a while, we are going to end up reading books that we didn’t like. So, yes, why not post about it in a polite manner detailing the reasons why we didn’t like it.


    1. Thanks for your comment! I agree. I think honesty in reviews is very important. If you really think about the whole point of a review it really is just to tell people how you feel about the book.

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